Changelog for the latest releases of the LocalStack for Snowflake
0.2.0Support BITAND, FLATTEN, RANDOM, RANDSTR, UUID_STRING, RATIO_TO_REPORT SQL functions (among others); add Snowflake proxy request handler; add initial version of simple UI view to run queries, configure the proxy, and inspect logs; fix execution of CTAS queries with UNION selects; fix logic for PUT file uploads to stages via JDBC driver; support parsing incomplete JSON with missing list items; enhance support for TABLESAMPLE queries; enhance parity for Snowflake timestamp data types; modulo operation for numbers with mixed types/signs; enhanced support for SHOW PARAMETERS; table column definitions with nextval sequence auto-increment; initial CRUD support for STREAMLIT queries; enhance parity for CREATE SEQUENCE; better support for FILE FORMAT queries; remove NOT NULL constraints from column definitions in CTAS queries; initial support for GRANT ROLE statements; initial support for temporary and transient tables; add support for some trigonometric functions; add Snowflake v2 SQL APIs; add fix for describeOnly INSERT queries to avoid duplicate inserts
0.1.26Support CONVERT_TIMEZONE, IFF SQL functions; implement ALTER WAREHOUSE as no-op; implement time functions HOUR/MINUTE/SECOND; enhance parity for running queries via JDBC driver; fix Arrow encoding for columns with NULL scalar values; enhance support for system$cancel_all_queries; support empty braces on column types; support running SQL queries from within JS UDFs; execute JS functions via node.js instead of plv8; add support for INFORMATION_SCHEMA.PROCEDURES; parity fixes in column types; add CSV_IMPORT_MAX_ROWS config; refactor QueryProcessor interface to return initialize_db queries; enhance performance of CSV imports by using psql directly; implement DAYOFWEEKISO/DAYOFWEEK; support parsing of variable assignments with nested structures; enhance parity for queries with DB identifiers containing dots; add initial support for loading data from public S3 buckets; add initial support for SHOW IMPORTED KEYS; extend persistence mechanism to store Postgres state file assets; convert result row cells to string for JSON result encoding
0.1.25Enhance support for SHOW USERS/ROLES/WAREHOUSES/FUNCTIONS/STAGES queries; initial persistence support for Snowflake store; enhance parity for timestamp types; fix SHOW PARAMETERS for Terraform compatibility; set up CI build for localstack/snowflake Docker image
0.1.24Enhance parity around user-defined PROCEDUREs; fix upper-casing for result of CURRENT_SCHEMA() function and information_schema queries; enhance support for UNIQUE column constraints; add initial support for cross-DB resource sharing
0.1.23Add initial simple scheduler to periodically run tasks
0.1.22Fix query transforms for ADD COLUMN queries; fix wrapping of VALUES subquery in braces for MERGE queries; add initial CRUD support for TASKs; support DROP PRIMARY KEY queries; migrate use of localstack.http to rolo
0.1.21Add support for consuming table stream records via DML statements
0.1.20Initial simple support for table streams; add support for SHOW DATABASES, SHOW VIEWS; enhance parity for Arrow results of TIMESTAMP_NTZ values; more refactoring into QueryProcessor classes; fix identifier uppercasing for ALTER TABLE queries; fix extraction of DB name from CREATE SCHEMA queries
0.1.19Return SELECT results in arrow format for pandas compatibility; add add_months function; fix UDFs with raw expressions; upgrade to Postgres v15; distinguish internal/external VARIANTs; print query processors in CI logs; enable lazy installation of plv8 extension; enhance parity around CREATE VIEW queries; extend analytics; return row_count for UPDATE queries; add statementTypeId
0.1.18Add support for various array and aggregation functions; enhance FILE FORMAT operations; fix CTAS (Create Table AS) queries; support INFER_SCHEMA(..) for getting schema from parquet files; better handling of upper/lowercase identifiers
0.1.17Support creation/deletion of stages; add IS_ARRAY function; remove DuckDB based DB engine; refactor codebase to use QueryProcessor interface; enhance proper handling of column names for table aliases
0.1.16Add support for SHOW PROCEDURES and SHOW IMPORTED KEYS; add basic support for session parameters
0.1.15Fix result type conversation for GET_PATH(..) util function
0.1.14Enhance parity around SHOW TABLES/OBJECTS/COLUMNS queries; add more array util functions; fix STRING_AGG for different DISTINCT/GROUP combinations
0.1.13Support some CURRENT_* functions; enhance LISTAGG for distinct values; add test for JS UDFs with exports
0.1.12Cast params for string_agg/listagg; more parity fixes for upper/lowercase names
0.1.11Enhance parity for array aggregation functions; enhance parity around subqueries and timestamp timezones; add logic to keep track of case-sensitive db/table identifiers
0.1.10Add query transforms for CLUSTER BY; add SF_S3_ENDPOINT config; more parity fixes
0.1.9Add support for Python UDFs; enhance parity around CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION queries; add analytics setup
0.1.8Add SF_LOG config to enable request/response trace logging
0.1.7Add initial support for Snowflake JavaScript UDFs; enhance parity around responses for DB/table creation; enhancements for Snowflake streaming logic
0.1.6Introduce session state to retain DB/schema across queries; support async queries and result_scan(..)
0.1.5Enhance parity around DESCRIBE TABLE results; support MIN_BY/MAX_BY aggregate functions
0.1.4Add logic to parse and replace DB references in queries
0.1.3Add DBEngine abstraction, experimental support for duckdb; enhance support for JSON queries
0.1.2Add logic to ingest a CSV file from a Snowflake stage into a table
0.1.1Initial support for Kafka connector and snowpipe/streaming APIs
0.1.0Initial release of the extension